Saturday, March 29, 2008

MySQL 3x to MySQL 5

Last week I was tried to migrate a database server which was running on MySQL 3x to a lampp platform with MySQL 5x. I faced an interesting problem.

In MySQL 3x index, option... can be used as field names, but not in MySQL 5x. Beucase when I do mysqldump and try to restore it into MySQL 5x, it gave errors... And those errors were pointed to those error fields

Mostly Joomla and Mambo databases give this problem.

Solutions :
1. When we do the mysqldump we can add '`' to the field names (plz go through the mysqldump manual)
2. We can manually search for this kind of errorness field names and put '`' around it :-)

I was under the impression that the new version always supports for the older version. But that is not always true ;-)

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