Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Translation memory

We have been working on Localization for more than one year. As you all know there are many many step in localization process and there are tools too. But Till today we have done all these manually...
Very recently only I came a cross the translation memory concept :
Its like this : There are lot of words always repeat in many place and each time we also need to translate those words. But using this translation memory idea, we can save time by automatically (at least partially) translating all the similar words found in our localization resource file.
More than this, there are ideas like, fuzzy translation memory. What it does is, it suggest us some words with the % of appropriateness. The tools gathers this knowledge with the existing works that we have done.
So now we also planning to move on to tools :
Some tools that may help on this - All 3 are FOSS :
  • OmegaT+ - http://omegatplus.sourceforge.net/
  • Open Language Tools - https://open-language-tools.dev.java.net/
  • Transolution - http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=132322

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Anonymous said...

Translation memory...hmmm..it looks like a cool idea coz will save lot of time and effort.
Hey, how is your experience with these tools? Are they general purpose? Which format should we input the files to be translated? Keep up sharing these tips!