Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recent two main happening

Hi guys.. after long time :)
There are some happenings in my life... among that some are good and some are .... dont know :?
- got engaged about 2 months ago
My girl's name is Sharanya and she is into music, specially vocal and Veena. Hmm what else...

- I was offered access to Mozilla l10n repository
Perhaps you know that when u do something for foss, the respective companies will give you some rights to access there repository and to change the software there. But getting this access is very difficult and you should convince them that you are a committer to the particular FOSS project.
As you know Mozilla foundation is a very well known one in the FOSS world and they develop Mozilla products like Firefox, Thunderbird etc. We localized Firefox and Thunderbird into Tamil and SInhala languages, at University of Moratuwa. For that I and one of my colleague receiced this special access on Mozilla's content repo.

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