Thursday, June 30, 2011

Generate a SSL certificate request for Multidomains

Recently I had a need to have a SSL certificate which should be used in multiple domains. When I search on that I found that it can be done using Unified Communications Certificates (UUC) :

This is how I generated a multidomain certificate request :

1. Open openssl.cnf
2. Make sure following line are there in that file :

req_extensions = v3_req

subjectAltName = @alt_names

DNS.1 =
DNS.2 =
DNS.3 =

You should add your domains as given in under [alt_names]

3. Create a private key

4. generate your certificate requests by providing required information

Thats all! you are done!!!

Reference :

You can make sure by
openssl req -text -noout -in ssl.csr

Under the alternative section you can find your all the domains listed.


Sarah Whitehead said...

Thanks for the code to toy with! I've been wanting to mess around with mine for quite a while now =)

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