Sunday, December 2, 2012

Moodle Email issue and Time syn issue

Recently I came a cross following issues in one of Moodle instance : - Forget password was not working - Forum posts are not going to learners emails - Though I open a Quiz at a particular time, it was not working as expected. For example, if I set a Quiz to be open at 14:00, it was not opening at 14:00. I could solve the first two problems in following way : 1. A email out going server need to be set. You can set through : Site Administration->Plugin->Message outs->Email. If you are running a mail instance in your Moodle server, then you do not need to set this. Otherwise, set SMTP host- Here you need to enter the out going email server. 2. Setup a cron (this is what I missed). Emails in Moodle have to triggered. Otherwise it would not work. Therefore you need to set up cron. You can find a detail description over here : For the second problem, go to Site administration->Location->Location setting. In my case, moodle instance was not getting the timezone setting from Linux OS. Therefore, here I had to manually set the timezone. Good luck