Saturday, February 2, 2008

Differently abled people - II

In a night, I met a blind poor person on a street… He had an injury on his leg too . So he was walking with a stick. He heard my foot sounds, he asked : “Sir, could you help me” and then he asked that “I need to buy some hoppers”. So what I did is, I just hold his hand and asked him to stay a place and then I went to buy some hoppers. Time was 9.00 pm pass... almost all the shops were closed. So took 20 minutes to buy hoppers… But I was not sure that whether the man will wait this much time for the hoppers at the place I asked to be…
When I go there, he was waiting… Then I gave the hoppers… He gave money, but I didn’t get it. So he said that he will put that money in a temple on my name  These people have self respect than normal people… isn’t it 
If I was him, I won’t wait that much time for hoppers… So I asked him, how do u believe that I will bring hoppers and waited more than 20 mins? He said : “Sir, you know… you touched my hand and asked me to stay here… From that touched I got to know that definitely you will come with hoppers” .
Hmm… Compare to their abilities, we have nothing…. Self respect... Sound sensitivity… Touch sensitivity….

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