Friday, February 1, 2008

Differently abled people

One day we had a meeting on the topic ‘differently abled people’. One Greek Prof. (Whose first language is not Greek!) also was there and he is fortunately / unfortunately blind. I know, the word blind is politically not correct. But I am using here because the Prof. was not like the word ‘differently abled’. He said that, they are obviously blind… the word ‘differently abled’ make them different and separate them and its hurts than word ‘blind’. In that meeting he also talked computers and their functionalities… wow… how this man can talk about button and their colors…  This is his intellectual part of life.
The other part of his life is : 
During the break, we had tea… the Prof wanted have a sugarless tea.. So the one who served tea went to bring one… But during that time other people were having tea… while they having their cup and soccer were touched and made sounds… the Prof. thought that, someone has waiting to give him a tea and he just prepared his hands to get the tea cup… He waited a bit, and then realized that the tea is not for him… So took the hands back… I didn’t see any reaction on his face at that time. I don’t know how to tell my feeling I had that time… Each and every sound is matters for them… I don’t know how these people are living with many failures… they do face this kind of thing in each and everyday… oh... They are really great…


Hunny Bee said...

Touching post. Disabled people do usually seem very confident and strong minded and they have more abilities than others do, because; I noticed very often that they are very intelligents technology wise or at some kind of arts. No wonder the person you mentioned above is a Prof.!
Most disabled people have positive thinking and get on with their life whereas others (I don't like to mention non-disabled ppl as 'normal'; because from my point of view, the disabled ppl are not Abnormal. They just lack something physically but possesses lots and lots of intelligence and tolerance.)..going back to my point,...whereas others can't tolerate a minute psychological aspects thrown at them. This is well examplified in the incident you mentioned that the prof. had no reaction on his face when he realised that the tea was not been served for him at that time. (Awww..Bless him !)

sarves said...

You are 100% correct... they are very strong minded