Friday, January 18, 2008

2nd world war and Computer age!

Nowadays I am reading the Book called “The Theory of Everything” by Stephen W.Hawking. It contains Stephen’s 6 lectures about Universe, Black holes, Origin of Universe, Time and finally the Theory of Everything. I am enjoying well …

In that book, in one place Stephen has pointed out (Here I am giving a summary in my words) until 1939 lot of the scientists was researching about Macro world things example: about Gravitational forces. But then due to the 2nd world war most of them were involved in Atomic bomb project and then after the war they have concentrated more on the micro world (I mean in the Atomic level)

Therefore if the 2nd world war is not happened, the scientists continued their researches on Macro world, about the Universe, Time, Relativity… They not much worried about the atomic world.

I think, because they have researched on the atomic world they were able to invent transistors. Without transistors we can’t talk about the computer age. So I think the 2nd world war made a change on our life and it led for the Computer Age 

Now, can you all imagine a world without 2nd world war?


Hunny Bee said...

Yep, I can imagine a world without the 2nd world war...A very green, natural peace world with healthier people !
Speaking about the computers, the invention of them are of course beneficial but at the same time another world war -not at atomic bomb level, but at a micro (computers) level - is on it's way. More harmful disasters than those happened in 2nd world war are due to be caused by the Computers !!!! Why that far ?....the human evolution is going backward as time goes. Here are some links below of the latest human evolution pictures as a point of interest...

Computers control the humans nowadays !

Anonymous said...

yes.. u are 100% correct.. Human evoluation os going backward :-(. Thanks for such 2 nice pics and usful comment.

sulo said...

After the dropping of "Little Boy" in Hiroshima, Einstein himself regretted for life about his contribution to the findings. We should not forget there is tragedy behind glories of findings initiated by 2nd world war.

Einstein’s Regret:
Einstein’s regret ran deep
Like the deep pools of sorrow
That were his eyes.
His mind could see things
That others could not,
The bending of light,
The slowing of time,
Relationships of trains passing
In the night, and power,
Dormant and asleep,
That could be awakened,
But who would dare?
He saw patterns
In snowflakes and stars,
Unimaginable simplicity
To make one weep with joy.
When the shadow of Hitler
Spread across Europe.
What was Einstein to do
But what he did?
His regret ran deep, deeper
Than the deep pools of sorrow
That were his eyes.
(By David Krieger)


Innovations are great as far as they remain at good hands and driven by good drives....

sarves said...

Yes Sulo, you are correct.
But there should be a balance in this world. Without that balance even we can think about the universe...
Another think, even we can think the world 2 as a process which changed the energy from one form to another.

I think, Einstein as a human told that statements, but I I guess not as a physicist.. :-)

ok.. do u all think that if the world war 2 is not happened we can now write on this comments on this blogs?

thaya said...

Thats true sarves, if WWII didn't happen, We cant blog here, By the way, After seeing this, I have started downloading "Stephen Hawking And The Theory Of Everything S01E01-02 DVDRip" I saw a brief Intro written as follows;
Stephen Hawking’s The Theory of Everything is ground breaking and exciting series in which Professor Stephen Hawking examines just how far our understanding of the universe has developed in our own lifetimes. Taking on board the astonishing scientific advances of the past 20 years Hawking is able to introduce fresh ideas which even he dared not imagine two decades ago. In his own words: ‘Twenty years on, my need to find answers to the fundamental questions about our existence, is undiminished.’ Hawking drives this landmark series with his continued fascination with the big questions. How did the Universe begin? How will it end? What was there before it? Hawking is our guide and mentor on a journey through the Universe, in which the world’s most exciting and eminent scientists join him in explaining mysteries of physics in a unique and accessible way. From the macro to the micro Hawking explores supernovae, black holes, dark matter, and the sub-atomic world to bring the biggest questions of all to the small screen with extraordinary aplomb and clarity.

These are the download links for the video, hope it will be useful to all.




Thank you.

thaya said...

Here the complete video of The theory can be found,

I watched everything,, amazing!