Friday, July 18, 2008

Broad knowledge vs Depth knowledge

I was thinking which one is good… broad knowledge or depth knowledge…


Last 7 or 8 years... I was trying to learn everything…  Astrology, Astronomy, Cosmology, bit of sociology, Atheism, Philosophy, bit of medicine (I didn’t consult a doctor for last 5 or so year to take medicines for small problems, like fever, cold, pains etc., got into physics lot, Tamil literature, started to write stories, essays and poems, Many areas in Computing, Electrical works, Bit of vehicle mechanics, English language, Sinhala Language, bit of politictics… a long list. Therefore when ever people talk about something, mostly, things  were familiar for me… not much new.


This is broad knowledge… But it’s a pain to have a broad knowledge… coz, when ever people say something, something from somewhere will come in to mind. Then mind will start to think all the connected things… and get tired soon…


But when u have the depth knowledge in an area, you will face problem only when ppl talk in that area. However in that case you have to assume many things in life. I can’t think of such a way of living. So… can’t do anything… I have to suffer and I am going to suffer K



sulo said...

Broad knowledge is a great achievement. Don't think it as a tiresome thing. Once you train your mind it will be capable to handle tiredness that you talk about without effort. That's how you become a mature minded person. Wish to be like you. To be like you everybody needs persistence. Keep up. But the same time you have to be expert of one particular area too. Hell good at something, something really really interesting...IMHO.

benza said...

Sarves, while writing an article for publishing I always think of you.
W/o your help tamil typing 4 me wd 've been nil. Am ever grateful to you.
Just entered here and found you have interesting thoughts to share. Thanks.
Jack of all Trades and Master of none. That was for industrial revolution English people.
Each man has to learn a trade to survive.
He wouldn't learn any one trade properly if he tries his hand at many.
It doesn't apply to people of modern times and one of your claibre.
The person who reads on vastlly wide spectrum is erudite, versatile.
From my small years I read 'to know' or to enjoy the 'thrill' in a detective or mystery book like one by Micky Spillane or Agatha Christie or enjoy cross examinations in a court by Erle Stanley Gardiner and so on.
But at last Xmas party met an elderly man grumbling of 'life w/o people to share' what he has read.
In my 60s I helped 2 sisters in English while in jaffna,Lanka and one of them came to see me here at my daughter's place.
She surprised me saying 'அய்யோ எங்கட அறிவுக் கடல் அல்லவா - எதைக் கேட்டாலும் சொல்வீரே' ---
Sarves, did U get my point?
We read to 'Get to know', because of our curious mind thirsting for knowlege.
We may share, as you did with me, when opportunity knocks.