Saturday, July 5, 2008

A shocking news

Yesterday I attended a conference which is organized by Dept. of CSE, University of Moratuwa. The theme was, "Mind IT - Balance IT". In that conference there was a talk on Life values...
The speaker said that, in Sri Lankan urban areas... there are 36 % of the newly married couple are divorcing within 5 year :-( That was a shocking news for me... Also he has added that, this is 2nd highest in the World and 1st is somewhere in America.
This denotes that Sri Lanka is going towards the nothing in all the ways... Earlier economy, war, prices, death, politics were going in towards nothing... not cultures also get added :-(

All should think about this and atleast we should preserve the villages from this worse culture. Until this, people were arguing that, in foreign countries' cultures are worse and there are not much interaction between even husband and wife. But I think now they are moving towards positive direction.. now they value the relationships.. I think now it is becoming as a trend... But Sri Lanka is going towards wrong directions.

You know, we are always looking foreign countries and try to follow them... better to say, we tried to follow bit more than foreign countries do... I was thinking this was happening mainly in fashion. Everytime when we try to catch and start to follow their fashions... they forget that and move into new / other one.. Like wise we are always running behind them.

I think thats what happened in this divorcing culture also.. this was a trend in western countries and then we also have started to follow.. following it strongly... result is, now we are the second in it :-|

Will see what is going to happen next.....


Saranya said...

This is indeed shocking! Sri lanka in the 2nd .....can't believe this!

There are many different cultures in places but I don't understand why people try to swing out from their's to a different culture. And, about the divorcing, I think people especially women have started talking about their rights, which majorily results in divorce. Things like media has a great impact on women in asian countries to sometime wrongly urges them to forget their culture. But, this is shocking that divorce rate is high in SL..really!!

sulo said...

Yes Saranya, you are quite right. Media is doing biiig damage here in SL.The little girls grow like dolls in a glittery world as they see on TV. All their heroins are aggressive, fearless, shameless, and not obeying any cultural value. Even their mums are too modern to guide them in correct path. They are busy with the series of their favourite dramas every night.Children grow on their way, blown away with all kinds of cultural winds. Those who don't see the value of a happy family at home, have no clue how to keep their homes ones they get married.

You know, early day Sri Lankan family was bond tight with respect, committment, love and affection. Its time to go back to find our own way of life, life with spiritual and moral values.